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Pam's Story

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Published: July, 2020

Isolated and restricted on a first floor room of a busy complex of flats designed for elderly residents in Forest Town lives a 74 year old we call ‘Pam’.

After a long period of being able to mobilise independently and enjoy outings and fully access a Community Hub Pam found her mobility declining and is now at the point where she is restricted to 24/7 bed existence. Her wheelchair occupies a place in the corner reminsing Pam of the days gone by when she was able to enjoy the outdoors.

Along came Val Kirkwood, a very experienced and senior staff member of the Jigsaw Team. With a wealth of knowledge in the Health Care Industry it was clear from the off that Val was going to make a difference in this ladies life. The first call was to the Occupational Therapist Team. Pams own Doctor and the District Nurse Team to see if this triage could facilitate a move to the lower floor flats. This was the start of a plan to include Profiling bed for Pam to feel in control of her positioning and comfort. To protect her skin integrity and tissue viability. Val didn’t stop there she went on to arrange a Mechanical Hoist as she was determined to get Pam up and off the bed.

The list is endless and until all needs were met Jigsaw worked together to ensure Continence and Physio visits were in place.

Pam has been with Jigsaw for over 9 years and calls us her ‘family’.

For all of those years there has been a constant flow of calls from a very vulnerable and lonely lady just needing to hear a familiar and friendly voice, reassurance and trust we were there for her.!

Now there are no calls and Pam enjoys Independent living. She received a full package of care from Jigsaw Homecare with a key worker who coordinates this. We take care of all shopping needs, all domestic requirements including laundry, all personal care needs are met, and we oversee all medication is delivered and administered correctly.

What a difference Jigsaw Homecare and a speciality staff member have made to this ladies life!

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