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Martin's Story

Jigsaw Homecare Ltd

Published: July, 2020

Martin is a gent that suffers with mental health and the grief of losing family members has lead him to rely on alcohol getting him through his days. He used to have anger issues and has had a past involving criminal activity and prison time.

Throughout the support of Jigsaw Martin does no longer drink spirits, and by working in partnership with his social worker and CGL group for alcohol support, he is now able to get through the days with 4 low alcohol drinks.

He is accepting of the medication that we administer and now accepts personal care from the carers. From the support from Jigsaw staff and the CGL support worker, as well as GP advice, Martin is now more aware that his lifestyle has to change to improve his health and wellbeing. Martin is more accepting of this and works well with the Jigsaw carers allowing them to support him 3 x daily, 7 times a week and the improvement in his behaviour and lifestyle has been noted by the social worker and medical professionals that are involved.

Jigsaw staff have supported this gentleman to be put on the referral list for an adaptation of his bathroom to suit his physical needs, whilst awaiting this to take place, staff have arranged with an OT to get the relevant equipment in place to ensure that there are no obstacles for this gentleman to receive the care that he requires.

This gentleman has built a good rapport with the staff members that visit on a daily basis and this is shown throughout the support that he receives and accepts.

A couple of months ago, Martin’s behaviour changes due to a move in property because of a flooding. Jigsaw managed to get this gentleman into temporary accommodation working with social services and the council. We arranged for the renovation of his flat after the water had cleared and the flat had been dried out, and we also supported him moving back to his flat to be settled in again.

Once back at home and in a routine Martin again changed his behaviours and was happy with what Jigsaw were providing for him and more understanding over what had happened.

Martin continues to receive daily support and enjoys the company and support that the Jigsaw staff provide.

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